And we're out of Beta; we're releasing on time!

After nearly 6 months of work, it is ready. Catcat: Volcano-Ninja! is ready to be released into the wild. I've learned a lot along the way, most of which was immediately forgotten and required near-Herculean efforts to decipher when I returned to add to that area of code some weeks later. You would think that my comments would help but, often as not, I just left rambling puns. 

The game is largely bug free, including some 11th hour chasing down of a mid-game bug that basically rendered all objectives useless and the game simple. There are plenty of other things I'd like to come back to in CC:V-N! v1.1, but that will be later when I've had a while to regroup and sort through my stack of pseudo-code post-it notes (I really need to keep a proper log book if I do this again).

I really hope you like what you see and hope you'll think kindly of our little project. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA!

Be excellent to each other.
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