Second CCVN Demo available!

This update introduces the first levels of the new area: The Bomb Factory! There are a couple of new mechanics which will need tweaks (or be phased out altogether) as I work towards the second half of the area and, hopefully, the game's first boss battle (which I really need to learn to script). 

Thanks for checking in. I be back with more words soon.

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80 days ago


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A week of tweaks- no additional levels but the game now includes more vibranter sounds, a scoring system, new sprites and even menus (nothing is impossible when you have infinite conditional loops!). Will see about another level soon (plans have been made), but until then here is a slightly refined browser-based experience.

7 hours and 10 versions later, the game now functions as I intended with all of the code I altered for testing back to its original, playable state. I will see if I can't get that sorted before uploading the files next time.