OCT 2017 update - pixels makes perfect

Okay, been a month of illness & holidays (and even some illness on holiday) but I'm back with more stuff. First and foremost- new pixels!! You'll notice the screen shows a lot more them. This is largely due to the fact that I spent ages crafting an animation for a mini-boss at the end of the Bomb Factory zone only to find that you never really saw it as it tended to happen off-screen. You can thank the King Bomb for extra viewing pleasures. 

And talking of pictures, CC:V-N now features state-of-the-art INTRODUCTORY STORY with incredible ANIMATED PICTURES and THINGS TO READ. I will add a sprinkling of these links throughout the game, although maybe not too many because I'm not too good at drawing. Or writing.

What a month- keep being excellent to each other!


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38 days ago

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